Friday, 5 June 2009

Windows 7 fancy pants wonderment

So far other than running quickly, installing easily and looking fine the most amazing thing about windows 7 is the speed with which you can usefully lay out your windows.

I've spent the day looking at Google Web Kit so right now I've got three windows open. Eclipse, the client page in the GWT debug browser and the client server again running in the debugger. And I've got two monitors.

I drag the two debug windows to my second monitor (but could have done it all with my keys). Then using alt-tab I make Eclipse active and hit Windows + Up Arrow, alt-tb to one of the debug windows and windows-left, finally tabbing to the other debug window and hitting windows-right.

Force of habit with alt-tab I could have just held down windows and used tab.

But why? Well because in those 6-ish key strokes I get my IDE maximised on monitor 1 and my two reference windows side by side each occupying half the screen on monitor 2.

Now that is cool...

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